Engaging Faith Series

Teaching is a noble profession (pardon the cliché). Is teaching a sacred profession?  How do our faith commitments shape our interactions with students? How do we fulfill Baylor’s Pro Ecclesia calling in the classroom?  To explore these and related questions, the Institute for Faith and Learning and the Academy for Teaching and Learning are pleased to continue our monthly faculty luncheon series titled, “Engaging Faith:  Teaching and Learning at Baylor.” Participation for each seminar is limited to the first 15 registrants. Lunch will be provided courtesy of the IFL and ATL. Fall seminar topics and registration information appear below.

Fall 2014 Engaging Faith Seminars

Tuesday September 30 | 12:30-1:30
“Confining Liberty with Love: Academic Freedom in the Classroom at a Christian College” by Dr. Robert Wallace
East Village Private Dining Room

Even in colleges & universities which identify as “Christian,” classrooms are not monolithic ideologically. What is the professor’s responsibility to the various faith concerns of the students? How can professors show appropriate concern for their disciplines and be sensitive to the theological presuppositions of their students and the other interested constituencies of the institution? Drawing on lessons learned from Galileo, Roger Williams, and the Apostle Paul, Dr. Robert Wallace seeks to articulate a classroom presence which “confines liberty with love.” If professors wish to be heard, they must first be willing to hear. Listening to the concerns of interested constituencies provides insight which leads to more effective teaching.




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