FIG: Inquiry-Based Learning

Faculty Interest Group (FIG):
“Inquiry-Based Learning in Undergraduate Science Labs: Lessons from BEARS in the SEA”

Facilitators: Tamarah Adair (Biology) and Bryan Gibbon (Biology)

This brown bag lunch FIG will focus on inquiry-based learning in undergraduate teaching labs. Tammy and Bryan are currently in the 3rd year of an HHMI-Science Education Alliance grant which is funding a research based lab for introductory biology. This semester they will walk you through the model used for this lab, describe other examples, explore the assessment of this method of teaching, and help participants develop new ideas for Baylor students interested in scientific research.


Wednesday 2/06/2013, 12:20 PM – 1:10 PM, BSB E234: Describe the SEA program and the background for inquiry based learning.

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Wednesday 2/27/2013, 12:20 PM – 1:10 PM, BSB E234: Other Baylor examples; National examples

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Wednesday 3/27/2013, 12:20 PM – 1:10 PM, BSB E234: Does it matter? Give data; educational research opportunities…

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Wednesday 4/24/2013, 12:20 PM – 1:10 PM, BSB E234: Brainstorming- Why should we do this? Ideas for new courses; roadblocks and solutions.

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