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“FIG for Futuris

Faculty Interest Groups (FIG) are back! The Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL) cordially invites you to join your colleagues for this Dutch treat luncheon series devoted to the five aspirations of Pro Futuris: FIG for Futuris. FIG work best when participants attend each of the three sessions on a given topic, so if you register for a FIG, please plan to attend three group meetings.

Additional information appears below.

FIG 1, Transformational Education

The purpose of this FIG is to promote active, engaged, and innovative learning across all schools and disciplines. Participants will consider transformation through empathy (bringing the arts—novels, songs, etc.—into any kind of lesson), through technology, and through students’ self-assessment.

FIG 1 Outcome: Increased engagement, active learning, and leadership of students as measured by student projects, papers, written evaluations, and oral feedback.

Facilitators: Gia Chevis and Mona Choucair

 Fridays – 11:15am -12:15pm – Faculty Center #207 (Green Room)

 Registration Links:

Feb 27 http://fig1a.eventbrite.com

Mar. 20 http://fig1b.eventbrite.com

Apr. 17 http://fig1c.eventbrite.com

FIG 2, Compelling Scholarship

The purpose of this FIG is to review and generate scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). The primary aim is to strengthen the connections between teaching and learning on Baylor’s campus. A secondary aim is to raise the profile of Baylor faculty in the area of SoTL. Participants will brainstorm and workshop article ideas.

FIG 2 Outcome: Published articles on pedagogy, teaching and learning effectiveness, and other areas of SoTL.

Facilitators: Chris Meyer and Anne-Marie Schultz

 Thursdays – 12:30 -1:30pm – Faculty Center #207 (Green Room)


Feb. 12 http://fig2a.eventbrite.com

Mar. 19 http://fig2b.eventbrite.com

Apr. 16 http://fig2c.eventbrite.com


FIG 3, Informed Engagement

The purpose of this FIG is to help resolve systematic problems locally and internationally through dialogue. Faculty will learn to participate in and to guide student participation in constructive dialogue about controversial and potentially divisive issues both inside and outside the classroom.

FIG 3 Outcome: Increased dialogue among Baylor faculty and students about controversial social issues and systemic problems.

Facilitator: Mia Moody-Ramirez and David Pooler

 Wednesdays – 12:20 –1:20pm – Faculty Center #207 (Green Room)


Feb. 18 http://fig3a.eventbrite.com

Mar. 18 http://fig3b.eventbrite.com

Apr. 22 http://fig3c.eventbrite.com

FIG 4, Committed Constituents

The purpose of this FIG is to explore Baptist identity in the context of contemporary American culture and also within Baylor culture.  The first session, “Changing Baptist Identity,” will consider how the Baptist image is now shaped by cultural issues (anti-women, antiabortion, anti-gay, etc.) more than by its old theology of adult baptism, congregational polity and separation of church and state.  The second session, “Baptists and Baylor,” will consider how Baptist ties influence the University for good or ill.

FIG 4 Outcome: New (or renewed) appreciation for Baylor traditions and Baptist heritage, and plans to preserve and increase the profile of Baylor and Baptist identity locally, nationally, and internationally.

Facilitator: Bill Pitts

 Tuesdays – 12:30 -1:30pm


 Yellow Room -Feb. 24 http://fig4a.eventbrite.com

Green Room – Mar. 3 http://fig4b.eventbrite.com

FIG 5, Judicious Stewardship

The purpose of this FIG is to reflect on your Enneagram personality type as you seek personal and spiritual growth. The Enneagram is an ancient tool used by Christians to understand and transform one’s personality. Enneagram types and corresponding spiritual practices will be described.

FIG 5 Outcome: Enhanced awareness of spiritual practices useful to one’s own personality type.

Facilitators: Jon Singletary

Mondays – 12:20 -1:20pm – Faculty Center #207 (Green Room)


Feb. 9 http://fig5a.eventbrite.com

Mar. 16 http://fig5b.eventbrite.com

April 13 http://fig5c.eventbrite.com

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