Faculty Interest Groups

“FIGS for Futuris

Please join your faculty colleagues for a brown bag/dutch treat luncheon series devoted to the aspirations of Pro Futuris. Faculty Interest Groups (FIGS) will convene weekly from January 13-April 30.

FIG 1, Transformational Education

The purpose of this FIG is to promote active, engaged, and innovative learning across all schools and disciplines. Some sessions will address the use of technology to enhance student learning and leadership while others will focus on service learning, inquiry-based learning, and/or small-group activities.

FIG 1 Outcome:  Increased engagement, active learning, and leadership of students as measured by student projects, papers, written evaluations, and oral feedback.

Facilitators: DeAnna Toten Beard and Chris Hansen


Wednesdays – 11:30am -12:30pm – Faculty Center #207 (Green Room)


Jan. 15 – http://fig1a.eventbrite.com

Feb. 19 – http://fig1b.eventbrite.com

Apr. 2 – http://fig1c.eventbrite.com

FIG 2, Compelling Scholarship

The purpose of this FIG is to review and generate scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). The primary aim is to strengthen the connections between teaching and learning on Baylor’s campus. A secondary aim is to raise the profile of Baylor faculty in the area of SoTL. Participants will brainstorm and workshop article ideas.

FIG 2 Outcome: Published articles on pedagogy, teaching and learning effectiveness, and other areas of SoTL.

Facilitators: Bill Booth and Gia Chevis

Wednesdays – 11:30am -12:30pm – Faculty Center #207 (Green Room)


Jan. 22 – http://fig2a.eventbrite.com

Feb 26 – http://fig2b.eventbrite.com

Apr. 9 – http://fig2c.eventbrite.com

FIG 3, Informed Engagement

The purpose of this FIG is to create and evaluate academic partnerships and projects that will help resolve systematic problems locally and internationally. Projects will be rooted in evidence and focused on solutions. Participants will review successful partnerships and projects—for example, Texas Hunger Initiative, Family Practice Center, Steppin’ Out, and Gear Up—and develop and workshop proposed partnerships and projects.

FIG 3 Outcome: Proposed partnerships and projects that address human needs in our community and abroad.

Facilitators: Sara Dolan and Jon Singletary

Wednesdays – 11:30am -12:30pm – Faculty Center #207 (Green Room)


**Jan. 29 – http://fig3a.eventbrite.com   **NOTE: Jan. 29th’s meeting will be in the YELLOW ROOM #209 all other in #207

Mar. 5 – http://fig3b.eventbrite.com

Apr. 16 – http://fig3c.eventbrite.com

FIG 4, Committed Constituents

The purpose of this FIG is to learn and reflect upon the rich traditions of the Baylor experience and the history of the Baptist faith as they have informed those traditions. Participants will read and discuss historic documents related to both Baylor and Baptist heritage.

FIG 4 Outcome: New (or renewed) appreciation for Baylor traditions and Baptist heritage, and plans to preserve and increase the profile of Baylor and Baptist identity locally, nationally, and internationally.

Facilitators: Doug Weaver and Ginger Hanchey

Wednesdays – 11:30am -12:30pm – Faculty Center #207 (Green Room)


Feb. 5 – http://fig4a.eventbrite.com

Mar. 19 – http://fig4b.eventbrite.com

Apr. 23 – http://fig4c.eventbrite.com


 FIG 5, Judicious Stewardship

The purpose of this FIG is to learn and utilize peer and course assessment techniques to increase the value and quality of a Baylor education. Low-stakes assessments, teaching observations and feedback, student evaluations, and learning goals and objectives will be among the topics discussed. Rubrics and other assessment-related materials will be provided.

FIG 5 Outcome: Applied assessment tools and techniques to improve student learning and integrate assessment into course plans.

Facilitators: Mona Choucair and Chuck Weaver

 Wednesdays – 11:30am -12:30pm – Faculty Center #207 (Green Room)


Feb. 12 – http://fig5a.eventbrite.com

Mar. 26 – http://fig5b.eventbrite.com

Apr. 30 – http://fig5c.eventbrite.com


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