Graduate Fellowship

The Academy for Teaching and Learning invites applications for two positions in the ATL Graduate Fellows Program (available Fall 2013).

The ATL Graduate Fellows are a select group of graduate students who work on center projects related to faculty development and teaching and learning. Our program is dynamic—fellows come from a variety of departments and bring diverse skills and perspectives to their work in the ATL. Here is information on our current Graduate Fellows.

The skill sets and background that make an ideal candidate vary according to the center’s projects and needs. In the current application cycle, we are seeking graduate students with excellent communication and PR skills and/or experience with film and digital media.

Those selected as fellows will assist the ATL in meeting the following goals:

(1) increase awareness of the center and its programs;
(2) promote and publicize programs, news, and events related to teaching and learning across campus;
(3) help facilitate events related to teaching and learning across campus (e.g. Seminars for Excellence in Teaching, teaching observations);
(4) produce course trailers for various academic units

Other responsibilities will be assigned as necessary and fellows may also develop independent projects that support the ATL’s mission.

 The duration of the fellowship and weekly time commitment vary by graduate fellow. In general, fellows begin with a one-year commitment and work no more than 20 hours per week.

Completed applications are due by email to the ATL ( by May 15th.

Questions on the Graduate Fellows Program and application process should be directed to ATL Assistant Director Ashley Palmer (

Click here to download the 2013-14 GF Application



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