Graduate Fellows

Colby Moore
Doctoral Candidate | Biology

Colby Moore is a doctoral student in the Biology Department. She has taught as a TA for BIO 1401 (Current Issues in Human Biology) Lab, BIO 1403 (Exploring the Living World) Lab and BIO 1402 (Introductory Microbiology) Lab. She has greatly enjoyed teaching at Baylor and hopes to teach in the future. She is from Boston, Massachusetts and is interested in marine mammal diving physiology, the primary focus of her dissertation. She enjoys living in Texas, especially being outdoors in Cameron Park in the mild winters.
Current Projects: Seminars for Excellence in Teaching; Teaching Observation; “In Case You Missed It” 

Philip Heinrich
Master Student | Film & Digital Media

Philip Heinrich is a masters student in Communication Studies, with a specialization in film. He was raised in the Kansas City area, but came to Baylor to earn his B.A. in University Scholars. Though his undergraduate degree focused largely on great texts and philosophy, Philip has a lifelong interest in filmmaking and aims for his academic interests to inform his work. Heinrich runs an online community devoted to stop-motion animation, and has contributed to publications related to his work. Philip enjoys skiing, painting, and performing music.
Current Projects: Course Trailer Production; ATL Filming

Joben David
Master Student – MSW/MDiv

Joben is working towards a dual Master degree in Social Work and Divinity. Raised in India, he received his undergraduate degree in Philosophy. A fan of good teaching, he is specially interested in the power of education as an agent of change. Joben has worked at The International Justice Mission, The Walt Disney Company and as a Disaster response volunteer during disasters such as the South Asian Tsunami and the Kashmir earthquake. A wide variety of interests occupy his time including traveling, most things Tolkien, hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail every year and unexpected adventure.
Current Projects: Website management, Graphic design, Teaching Observation, Miscellenia

Nathan Roberts
Doctoral Candidate | English

David Echelbarger
Doctoral Candidate | Philosophy

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