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The ATL (hosted by graduate fellows Nate and Phillip) led a SET focused on the fascinating “behind the scenes” dynamics of making a course trailer for professors and departments here on Baylor’s campus.  If you have never seen or heard of the course trailers being offered by the ATL, check out the webpage and think about how your course or department might benefit from a great opportunity to be SEEN by the student population:

Nate and Philip divulged the in’s and out’s of making a course trailer from budgeting to equipment, as well as some of the difficulties to over come such as funding and man hours. It is their goal to cast the professors, departments and Baylor in a positive light, as well as advertise for the student’s benefit. Imagine being able to watch a video about a class and get insight into the learning environment before registering?

You may be wondering, how does a department or faculty member benefit from a course trailer? As Nate put it, course trailers are “useful and practical” tools for advertising beyond the course catalogue. Professors have a unique opportunity to showcase their personality and passion for their discipline. Trailers can include interviews with professors and students, tours around the facilities and commentary on the general topics covered and learning outcomes.

If you think you may be interested in a course trailer for your class, department of even laboratory, contact Nate and Phillip at the ATL for scheduling. Interview questions will be presented ahead of time for ease of interview. This is a great opportunity to showcase your class, increase attendance, and get the word out!

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