Baylor Arts & Sciences magazine, Fall 2017

The Fall 2017 issue of Baylor Arts & Sciences magazine, the official magazine of the Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences, is now available online.

The cover story, “Home Sweet Campus,” looks at the mutually beneficial relationship between professors and students as a result of Baylor’s Faculty-in-Residence program, where faculty members live next to students in residence halls. We talk with faculty members Brian Elliott, Mona Choucair, Jennifer Good and Scott Wilde.

Other features include:

  • “Finding the God Particle,” a look at how Baylor physicists are helping discover the building blocks of the universe;
  • “Success Story,” where we meet five Baylor graduate students who illustrate just how well the university’s graduate programs are managing to attract a brighter and more diverse student body;
  • “Adventure of a Lifetime,” an account of Brianna Childs’ year-long intercontinental trek to share Christ with some of the world’s neediest people;
  • Our Q&A interview with Baylor alumnus Col. Sparky Matthews, who is making sure troops in Afghanistan get first-rate medical care;
  • The “Our Back Pages” history feature, where we catch up with the Hansen Quadruplets 20 years after their Baylor graduation; and
  • News and notes about Arts & Sciences faculty and staff, students and alumni.

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