Five Fun Things to Do On Campus

By Maggie Malone

In all the craziness that comes along with Homecoming week (or any week around here really), it’s hard to find some time to kick back and just chill. And, believe it or not, there’s quite a few fun things to do around campus!

1. Taking silly pictures!

As an aspiring photographer, I often bring my nice camera with me, but a cell phone camera works nicely. Just grab a few of your crew and go exploring! There’s quite a few excellent photo spots here. Then, let the fun begin! Try out different poses and facial expressions! Extra points if you do it in costume.

2. The Guerrilla Troupe

When I watch this improv comedy group, I always laugh so hard that I start crying. They are absolutely hilarious. Plus, the entry fee is only $3, which is an excellent value. However, their shows are held at random times throughout the year, and they fill up fast. So, checking their Facebook page is a must, but it’s well worth it.

3. Game Room

Baylor’s not-so-secret game room is located in the basement of the Student Union Building (often referred to as the SUB) and has a ton of cool stuff like billiards, foosball and bowling.

4. The Pool

Found in the McLane Student Life Center (the SLC), it has everything from swimming lanes to a heated spa. It even has a water slide. Yes, you read right. I just said water slide. I haven’t had time to go check it out yet, but the fact that Baylor has its own water slide gives us at least 25 more cool points. If swimming isn’t your thing, the SLC is jam-packed with other sports facilities as well.

5. Common Grounds

This last one is technically off-campus, but this cozy coffee shop sits on the outskirts of campus, enticing students by the carload with its warm atmosphere and delicious coffees.

A Healthy College Life is a Happy College Life

By Emily Martin

Being sick is never any fun, but being sick in college is even worse. In general, college students have extremely hectic schedules. On top of being a full-time student, I am also involved in Waco Young Life (which includes two weekly Bible studies, intramural sports once a week and a College Life club on Sundays), I work at Baylor’s Visitors Center, I write for the Baylor Admissions Blog, I manage a small business called Calligraphy By Emily, which is currently helping me raise money for a mission trip I am going on in January, and I volunteer in the Pre-School Ministry at Highland Baptist Church. Life is pretty crazy for me, and I know that many other students have even crazier lives. When life is this busy, you are bound to wear yourself out, which eventually causes you to get sick. That’s exactly what happened to me last week. I overworked myself and ended up with migraines, a sore throat and an awful cold.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t let myself get to this point ever again, so I made a list of things I am going to do to prevent stress and sickness. Here are my five tips on how to stay healthy in college:

#1 – Find time to work out!

I am usually a pretty active person. I love running, yoga, hiking and pretty much anything that gets me moving and active. However, with a schedule that is this busy, my workouts are typically the first thing I cut. In an attempt to better my health, I have tried to schedule specific days and times of the week to work out in some way. Whether this means going to a Bearobics class at the SLC (Student Life Center) or running the Bear Trail, I am going to make sure that I work out at least five days a week. You can do the same! Find something you love to do that keeps you active! It will help you to stay healthy, AND it will relieve stress!

#2 – Maintain a balanced diet!

This is a great way to ensure that you are staying healthy in college. It is so easy to pick up some Chick-fil-A on campus (something I am frequently guilty of doing…) or to grab five of Ms. Mei’s cookies at Memorial Dining Hall (Also guilty…). If you start thinking more about eating healthier foods, then you will be less likely to become sick. You can do this by incorporating more fruits and veggies into your diet. The next time you make a trip to the grocery store, try to substitute some of your junk food purchases with apples or carrots. Something that I have tried this year is buying miniature bags of carrots. These are so convenient because you can grab one and walk right out the door. It’s not messy, and it’s healthy! You can also try to drink more water and less caffeinated drinks, such as sodas and coffee. I drink two to three cups of coffee a day, so I could definitely replace one of those with a glass of water. Decreasing your caffeine intake will also help you to sleep better at night!

#3 – Sleep sleep sleep!

I am pretty good about doing this one, but I figured I would keep it on my list so that I remember to keep doing it. Everyone makes fun of me, but I usually go to bed around 9:30 or 10 p.m. every night. Sometimes I have a lot of studying to do so I stay up later, but normally I try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Everyone’s body needs different amounts of sleep, so try to listen to your body and give it the rest it needs for you to stay healthy. Sleeping enough at night also helps you to remember all of the information you learned that day, so when you have a big test make sure to get enough sleep the night before!

#4 – Find time to de-stress!

Yoga is something I have found helps me tremendously when I am stressed about school or life, so I am trying to go at least two times a week. I can be stressing about a million things, but if I go to a yoga class, I am completely calmed and ready to take on the world afterward. I know that this might not be the answer to everyone’s problems, so find your own “happy place” to go to when you feel the weight of being a college student bearing down on your shoulders. You could also try taking a short nap, going for a run or going to a Zumba class at the SLC – anything that will get your mind off of your problems and will allow you to refresh and calm down. Staying healthy usually starts with living a stress-free life!

#5 – Give it all to God!

I start off every single day by spending 45 minutes to an hour with God. During this time I read my Bible and then reflect on what I read. Then, I talk with God about all that I have to do that day and ask Him to guide me through all of it and help me to stay focused on Him. It comforts me to know that in reality, all of our “big problems” are usually really small in the long run. Anything is possible through the Lord, and we just have to be willing to give all of our problems to Him. By doing this, you will be less stressed, healthier and happier!

I know that these tips won’t always prevent you from getting sick, but hopefully by making a few adjustments in your daily routines and habits, you will be able to live a healthier life!


First of Many Lasts

By Laura Teague

Today kicks off one of my favorite times of year on campus – Homecoming! As I’m sitting in Barfield Drawing Room writing this post, it just kind of hit me that this is my last Homecoming as an undergraduate. Preparing for Homecoming can be extremely tiring, and it’s so easy to just want the weekend to be over. Thoughts of free time fill your mind, like “After Homecoming, I’ll do this” or “Once Pigskin is over, I’ll have all this free time to do that.” However, I’m trying to ignore these thoughts, so I can experience this weekend to the fullest.

I have so many awesome memories from Homecoming, and I can’t wait to make more this weekend. But in the midst of it all, I’m trying to pause – to take a deep breath and remember how truly blessed I am to be a student at Baylor University, to look around at my friends and roommates and let them know how much they mean to me, to take in this last float all-nighter tonight and to perform our 2nd place Sing act with everything I have. Because once this weekend is over, I know I will want it back.

So whatever you are doing this weekend, whether it’s a football game your senior year, hanging out with your friends at someone’s house or just spending time with your family, approach it the same way. For you seniors in high school, things will look so different for you this time next year, and while it’s so exciting to see what the future holds, take time to appreciate where you are right now. I can’t wait for all of you to experience Baylor Homecoming as students. There is truly nothing like it in the whole world.

So I’ll leave you with this – one of my favorite quotes I’ve heard during my time at Baylor. As we all enter seasons of change, let’s remember to look forward to what’s ahead:

“Because of what Baylor has meant to you in the past, because of what she will mean to you in the future, oh, my students, have a care for her. Build upon the foundations here the great school of which I have dreamed, so that she may touch and mold the lives of future generations and help to fit them for life here and hereafter. To you seniors of the past, of the present, of the future I entrust the care of Baylor University.” - Samuel Palmer Brooks, Baylor President 1902-1931

Happy Homecoming!

Pic 1

Pic 2Pic 4

Unexpected Blessings

By Maggie Malone

It was far too early to function, but I knew I needed to give it a try. After all, they had coffee. Right?

A couple weeks ago, I dragged myself out of bed at six in the morning after only getting two hours of sleep to attend my church’s early morning prayer service at Common Grounds, the local coffee shop down the street.

I was hesitant to go at first. I’m not much of a morning person – meaning if I’m woken up too early, I can get mean. As my roommate and I walked in the dark hours before sunrise, I prayed for the capacity to be nice.

The coffee did help.

Pic 1









But even more importantly, it was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had while I was at Baylor. It was so cool to stand outside with my fellow college students as we sang our hearts and souls out and covered each other, our campus and our city with prayers.

College is a place where trying new things can lead to all sorts of unexpected blessings, and I was truly at peace as I watched the sky get lighter and lighter. Who knows what can happen when you take that leap of faith, step out and do something out of routine?

Not only is it important to feed the body and the mind, but it’s also very important to feed the soul as well. And for the first time in a long while, my soul was comfortable and full. My weary soul felt rested, and after a delicious omelet from the Memorial cafeteria, I felt that I had started the day off right.

Pic 3

Being Where I’m Meant to Be

By Avery Jackson

One of the many reasons Baylor stood out to me above all other universities was the high level of school spirit, especially during Homecoming. At Baylor, Homecoming is an even bigger event than Christmas! Alumni of Baylor and families of students from all over come to see Pigskin, marvel at the parade floats, watch the big home game and spend quality time with the Baylor family for a weekend.

I remember the first time I visited Baylor and the moment when I realized that I wanted to go here one day. I was nine years old, and my dad and I were watching the big parade by the Bear Habitat. I was clutching my fancy Baylor leather notebook that law students and business professionals (like my dad) use, when I told him this was where I was going to go to school.

Now, it took traveling around the world, transferring from another university and earning an academic scholarship to get me here, but I can honestly say there is no other school for me.

Finding My Place with Baylor Football

By Jay Fankhauser

What do I like most about Baylor? Baylor has numerous opportunities for students to get involved and to contribute to the university’s culture by doing something that they are passionate about. In my case, as a freshman, I was given the opportunity to work as an assistant video coordinator for the football team, and I have done this job for the past two years. It has been a unique experience, traveling to road games and bowl games and filming practice everyday.

Working closely with the coaches and players in a sport that I enjoy and have spent my life around has increased my sense of pride in Baylor and has helped me find my place.  Working in the athletic department provides me the opportunity to be a professional in a learning environment. Going to school with 13,000 other students is drastically different than my high school experience, in which my graduating class consisted of only 250, but you can be as involved on Baylor’s campus as any school in the country because of the great amount of opportunities.

Positions to lead and innovate are everywhere at Baylor. Students run Baylor, and it is by students contributions that the university will continue to grow.  While others may have different experiences like student government positions or professional jobs on campus, students can actively make an impact at Baylor. A tip for you high school seniors – when you are applying to schools and you talk to admissions counselors at different universities, ask how great of an influence the students have over the university and if students have the opportunity to work professionally during their undergraduate careers. It is incredibly beneficial for students to be involved in an environment outside of the classroom.

Have a warm October, and Sic ‘Em Bears!

Pic 1

Taken before the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale Arizona

Pic 3

Jack Trice Stadium in Aimes, Iowa, through the lens.

Pic 2

Following the final game at Floyd Casey and Baylor’s first BIG XII Championship

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

By Marisela Martin

Hey Everyone!

So this is my first time ever writing a blog post, and honestly, it’s quite exciting. I’m the type of girl who keeps her own diary, but sharing my thoughts with you all is even more invigorating, especially when I get to share the highs and lows about one of my favorite places in the world – Baylor!

So let me share a little about myself! I’m currently a sophomore from Dallas. I’m majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Public Relations. Because y’all are still getting to know me, I thought would start with sharing my top three favorite things that Baylor offers!



Like come on! Anyone who saw our game against TCU knows that Baylor has a lot to be proud of with football! Not many teams can come up 24 points in the last 10 minutes! Texans are naturally born with a love for football no matter who you are, and this love is apparent in Baylor Nation.





2. Homecoming

I don’t know if you can feel any closer to the Baylor Community than when you participate in Homecoming! Baylor is home to the largest collegiate homecoming parade in the nation. There is nothing like being a part of this amazing parade. Words just can’t explain it.





Christmas on 5th 2013

3. Christmas on 5th

Now, my favorite time of the year is Christmas! When I’m at home, I usually decorate our house and set up the Christmas tree. It’s an annual tradition. However, last year I missed this tradition for the first time because I was at Baylor for my freshman year. It really brought me down and made me miss home. So when I heard about Christmas on 5th, I knew I had to go. It was literally the most magical moment and made my list of favorite memories here at Baylor.

So that’s it for this week guys! I can’t wait to show you more about my experience here! Until next time, Sic’ Em!

Proverbs in Action

By Jaziah Masters

Around this time of year, many in our Baylor student body make their way south to go to the legendary Austin City Limits Music Festival. I’m told it is a wonderful experience for all.  But this weekend, I found myself in Austin for a very different reason.

Pic 2

Because I serve as a Peer Leader with the Office of Community Engagement & Service, I was given the opportunity to travel to Austin to participate in the No Need Among You Conference (NNYC). I had no idea that I was about to have an experience unlike any other in my collegiate career. Unlike every other conference I’ve attended, the NNYC revolved around the idea of service. During the weekend, we were shown how to become better service leaders, we became aware of the issues facing America and the world and we met some wonderfully inspiring people, all while being surrounded by a warm and nurturing Christian community.

This year, the Conference was held in East Austin at Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  East Austin itself is a very beautiful and unique neighborhood (In fact, it reminds me a lot of Waco). When we arrived at the Conference, we all were presented with various workshops to go to. In the main room, there stood a big banner to remind us all why we were here.  It read, “’Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.’ Proverbs 31:9.” Some of the workshops I got to attend were: “To Serve This Present Age,” “The Church’s Active Response to the Growing Phenomena of the Sex Industry” and “How to Dialogue to Bring About Racial Reconciliation.” All of the sessions were led by passionate and informed leaders in regards to their issues. We were shown ways that we could assist in their endeavors and given information we could take back with us.

Pic 3

Overall, the Conference was a wonderful opportunity to grow in so many ways: my faith, my local, national and global awareness, my leadership capabilities and myself as a person. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity. It is something so special about being able to sit with likeminded people from all walks of life and work toward a higher, yet common purpose. I would strongly encourage everyone to go next year, so please mark your calendars – October 14-16, 2015!

Construction Zone

By Diana Cates

A certain peace filled my heart as I made the 75 mile trek back toward Fort Worth for Fall Break. It was my drill weekend for the Marine Corps. Unlike most Baylor students packing up their cars to go on mini vacations or settling in for a weekend catching up on Netflix, I was readying my uniforms to report in for three days of training. It was exciting to get off campus and get back to my military roots. During my seven years in the military, I gained a family only comparable to my flesh and blood. The bonds and ties that I formed with my brothers and sisters in arms is something I still cannot explain to civilians, but it is unbreakable. And the truth is that ever since getting off active duty, my heart has been aching to be with them again. We all crave that comforting sense of familiarity, but I think it is when we are out of those zones is when we truly discover who we are and what are our passions. Being at Baylor has opened my eyes to career goals I haven’t had since I was a teenager, and I have to say that is from the untarnished, thriving optimism and faith that radiates from the campus.

My relationship with Christ has grown so much stronger, and with every passing day, my path gets more aligned with him. Consequentially, my relationships with others are more genuine and healthy. Through fellowship with God, I have begun to open my heart in love and acceptance, and this has transformed my life to an abundantly rich one. During this weekend, I witnessed just how different I was from fellow Marines . . . a difference that wasn’t present two months ago. It was amazing how my leadership capabilities and skills had already evolved. So much of my life has changed, not because of Baylor but because of the core morals and values associated with it. Christ is glorified here on campus, and whether you are a believer or not . . . you too will have a sign on you that says “Construction Zone.”


Why I’m Happy We’re 6-1

By Torie Abbott

Pic 1

For Baylor University, football has become a huge deal. With one of the hottest new stadiums in NCAA history, along with a killer team with uniforms to match, Baylor Football is looking better than ever. There is tailgating and sailgating. The campus of Baylor is thriving with support for Bryce, Shock and the rest of the Bears.

With the opening of McLane Stadium, the Bears have been unstoppable. The turn around the Baylor Bears have made in the last few seasons is nothing short of impressive, and some would argue, unbelievable. With a 6-0 record, the Bears traveled to West Virginia where they were handed a heartbreaking loss.

Why am I happy about this? Do not get me wrong, I was just as upset as the next person about the loss. But to think that Baylor fans are upset about one loss when only a few seasons ago, a 6-1 record was unthinkable.

In a couple of years, Art Briles and his team have given Baylor a new stadium, a Heisman trophy and a conference championship. That is something very special. How many other teams in college football can say that?

Regardless of the team final record, something special is going on at Baylor University. Morale is high, and expectations even higher. For Baylor students, we support our team. “Baylor we are, and Baylor we will always be.” And as always, it is a sweet, sweet time to be a Baylor Bear. Sic ‘Em!

Pic 2