How to Survive Midterms

By Susannah Mohrmann

These next two weeks are the ones we’ve all seen in our schedules and have tried to ignore…well until now: Midterms. During this two week stretch, I will have three presentations, four tests and three quizzes. Luckily, I’ll be able to rest once these week pass. However until then, I am stuck studying. So, I have come up with a remedy of how to make studying somewhat bearable (no Baylor pun intended).

1. Write down everything you have to do.

2. Organize your time and rank what is important.

3. Gather all necessary items (paper, notecards, pencils, highlighters, cookies, popcorn, Dr Pepper, coffee, more coffee, etc.).

4. Plan for breaks (Walk the Bear Trail, go to Common Grounds or go to Cameron Park).

5. Change up where you study (Armstrong Browning Library, the SUB, outside in a hammock).

6. Take breaks (not too many though … )!

7. Study hard, and it will all pay off!


Today in Class, We Are Playing Dodgeball then Dancing the Conga…

By Kilani Ju

As a psychology major, one class I had the option to take was positive psychology. I had heard many things about the class, but I had no idea how much I would enjoy it. Positive psychology is a course that teaches students how to live their lives in a positive way. From the psychology perspective, we learned several ways to relieve stress by finding positive outlooks.

One day in class, my teacher lectured on the subject of “play” and how important it is to incorporate some kind of “play” in one’s life. It can range from taking time to ride your bike, going to the pool to swim or grabbing coffee with a friend. Once you find something you enjoy, you should apply it to your daily routine. Play is a way to take a break from your everyday life and from the stress you are currently dealing with and to find a moment to do something fun.

After giving an introduction of play and how it can change your mood in a positive way, my teacher announced that we would be having a “play” day in class. As he grabbed a netted bag filled with Nerf balls, he told us that for the remaining time we would be playing dodgeball outside of the Baylor Sciences Building. We all looked at each other with shock and excitement written across our faces. We ran outside, grabbed the balls and began to play dodgeball.

After we played a game of dodgeball, we went back into class where we were surprised again to find out that class was not over just yet. My teacher then announced that we would be listening to “We are Family” and doing the Conga until class was over. For the rest of class, my classmates and I danced away, bonding with one another while laughing and grooving to the music. Most importantly, we were having fun. When class was over, I left knowing that day would go down in the books as one of my favorite memories at Baylor. If you plan to be a psychology major, I highly recommend you taking Positive Psychology.

Pic 1

And The Greatest of These Is…

By Cody Frohman

What do you value most? Well for me, it’s community. While in Welcome Week training and during Welcome Week itself, we played an ice breaker game called “Trashing Your Values.” You start out with ten slips of paper and you write down ten things you value. Through a couple different rounds you trash, trade and have values taken away until you’re left with one value. This game is supposed to encourage you to think about what you truly value – what is important to your life and what is not as important. Both times I played, I ended up with the same three values: grace, justice and community. In the end, community won the game both times.

Community has been a huge part of my experience at Baylor, and it’s the main reason my college experience has been so amazing. When I first arrived at Baylor, I didn’t know a single person – I didn’t go to Line Camp or Orientation. I had never even visited campus before. #outofstateprobs. During my first two months at Baylor, I got connected to a life group through Antioch Community Church and found an amazing group of people who quickly became like family.

Pic 1

Some of my life group in Mongolia this past summer.











When I decided to come to Baylor, I had absolutely no idea that my life would be completely changed through the community around me. I had no idea I would be part of a group that deeply loves, carries my burdens faithfully, breathes life into me and always points me to God. Along with all of the deep spiritual change I’ve gone through, I’ve also had a ton of fun with my community at Baylor. I’ve gone on a number of spontaneous late night trips when I definitely should have been studying. I’ve gone on life-changing missions trips and spent countless nights laughing and just hanging out with the coolest people in the world (I might be slightly biased…).

Pic 2

Now, I know what you might be thinking…“Community?? Of all things, you picked community?” It wasn’t easy – I had things like grace, faith, love, justice and mercy written down, but after thinking, I came to the realization that all the things I value are magnified or exemplified by community. I’ve never experienced grace, love and mercy like I have within a community. I’ve never seen such unshakeable faith and a desire for justice than I have within a community.

I entered my freshman year unaware of what was ahead, of what the year would hold. But I left with vision for what was valuable – people. I’ve seen how great community is; I’ve seen the impact it can have as people are transformed and restored. We are people, and we were created to live in community. Whether you find it at church, in your residence hall or through one of Baylor’s many campus organizations, don’t wait to experience the quality community Baylor has to offer.

If you’re interested in learning about more ways to get plugged in to life groups or other organizations, leave a comment below or email me at

Sir Gawain in the Sun

By Diana Cates

Pic 1

First round of tests are done and over with, and I am so happy! First hurdle jumped, phew! After two months of classes, we have Fall Break this week. My restful weekend will be spent in Fort Worth, doing a field exercise with my unit. I’m excited to see some old friends and step away from the Baylor scene for a while.

I mentioned last time that the temperatures were starting to drop. The change isn’t complete yet, and there’s still a semblance of summer left behind. It’s that beautiful balance between two seasons, and if you know Texas, it’s best to take advantage of it before bipolar Mother Nature snarls her ugly head again.

Pic 2

So, my British Literature class petitioned our professor to consider having class outside, and he agreed! It was a Friday afternoon, and all was unusually still on campus from my viewpoint in Burleson Quadrangle. It was also serenely quiet, until on cue at 1:30, the Baylor Bells began to ring. It was as if they were giving us permission to start our discussion. Sitting beneath the shaded oak, I was enamored and lost in my surroundings. This was the kind of stuff I had only ever seen in college advertisements, but here I was experiencing it. The fresh soil was cool beneath my feet, and the dying summer breeze tickled my tingling senses. I struggled to pay attention to the story of King Arthur and his knights. I wanted to soak in every second, and my imagination began to conjure up visions of a past Baylor.

Pic 3

I am now a part of the time honored traditions and am a strand of that historical DNA that is Baylor. I’m so honored to be where I am, and I know that God’s plan (while unpredictable) for Baylor University will take it to levels it has never been before. It’s exciting to know I am now a part of that legacy.

Speaking of legacy, tomorrow’s game is against WVU! SIC ‘EM BEARS!!!!

Am I Nervous or Just Going to Throw Up?

By Aaron Harder

Have you ever felt so nervous that you feel like you’re going to throw up? I get this feeling all the time when I have to give a speech or a presentation – heck sometimes even before a flag football game.

If you’re like me, you understand that almost unreal amount of energy you have while waiting for your turn to give a presentation. No amount of rational talking to yourself helps. It’s just raw emotions making a ruckus in your stomach. You have an internal debate where you try to calm yourself down while also desperately trying to pay attention to what is happening in front of you. Heaven forbid if you have to take notes on the presentation in front of your own. Let’s be real teacher – it’s just not gonna happen.

I wonder if teachers sit in the back of class and observe who has the most nervous ticks before getting up for a speech. I would criticize those professors, but I would totally do the same thing.

Anyways, a couple of days ago, I began looking at these moments in my life in a different way. I confess I did not come up with this solution on my own. God seemed to drop it in my lap using a few emails from my mom and some cool videos and Facebook posts I saw while “studying.” What I am suggesting is not a microwavable, instant success formula. Embracing this idea might take some time.

So, here it is: Instead of getting nervous about what might happen, get excited about what might happen. When you think about college, lots of questions can make you nervous. Will I get accepted to my dream school? Who will be my friends? What classes will I take? What if I don’t like my roommate? Instead, try to get excited about the new opportunities available to you! Think about the interesting classes you get to take, the roommates that may become best friends and the chance to make friendships that could last a lifetime. It may take some time to fully embrace this idea, but in the end, it will make you more excited about college instead of being filled with dread at the thought of a university.

I was really nervous about climbing my first Fourteener, but the view is much from the top than the missed opportunity at the bottom.

I was really nervous about climbing my first Fourteener, but the view from the top was a thousand times better than the missed opportunity at the bottom.



I am glad I took the opportunity to speak and share the gospel at my church. I remember being really nervous about it, next time I am going to look forward to the opportunity instead of being nervous about it.

I am glad I took the opportunity to speak and share the gospel at my church. I remember being really nervous about it. Next time, I am going to look forward to the opportunity instead of being nervous about it.

Sic ‘Em Coffee Shops!

By Torie Abbott

Baylor students, just like college students everywhere, love caffeine more than just about anything. Lucky for us, Waco has produced a significant number of top-notch coffee shops in recent years, making sure to keep Baylor students awake…and caffeinated.

Pic 1

Dichotomy – Dichotomy is the new kid on the block. It is hip, it is trendy and it is downtown. Of all the coffee shops in town, it definitely has a posh feel to it. It is a great place to go if you want to get off campus. The coffee is impeccable as well as the treats that they keep.

Common Grounds – it is a Baylor classic! My college career would not be the same without Common Grounds; the thought of it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. From the Grade-A concerts and the eclectic feel of the furniture in the backyard, to the trip during Line Camp and its prime location in relation to Collins, Common Grounds has become ingrained in Baylor student life. Also, get the Cowboy Coffee…you won’t regret it.

Pic 2

Starbucks – times two! You know you are on a college campus when one Starbucks just isn’t enough. This school year, Baylor added a seconds Starbucks to campus. The original one lives in Moody Library, and the new additional Starbucks is in the BSB or Baylor Sciences Building. So, whether your Pre-Med classes have you locked up in the BSB or you are studying for finals in the library, a Starbucks Venti iced coffee is not far away.

As you can see, coffee runs in the veins of a lot of students. And luckily for you, if you are one of those students, you have an endless supply of your caffeine beverage of choice!

Dear High School Self

By Maria Dillman

Dear High School Self,

From: me

To: me

Dear Maria,

I know exactly what you’re thinking (Ha, I wonder why). It’s your senior year of high school, and you are so excited to go off to college. No parents, no curfew, no problems. Well, you’re right; college is probably one of the best experiences of your life. The memories, friendships and experiences over the next four years will stick with you for the rest of your life. But there’s something important that I wish I would have known three years ago: the experiences, memories and moments that are happening right now will never be given back. Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Enjoy life. I know it may seem petty or childish to go to classes all day (yes I know, Chem class is such a drag), have to be home by midnight and have to eat dinner with the Rents. But looking back, I am so thankful for that season in my…uh our life. Usually life happens for a reason. Those early nights when I had to be home made me able to function the next morning. Going to classes on a standard schedule gave me more time to be with friends, and I learned valuable things that I would need to know in college. And eating meals with the fam gave me time with Mom, so she could teach me how to make a mean batch of lasagna. It prepared me for the rest of my life and allowed me to appreciate it for years after. So spend time with friends, go to the football games, dance like no one’s watching at the Homecoming dance, do your homework, give all you got in gym class and make the most of it. It’ll be gone before you know it.



P.S : Don’t speed on the way home from track practice…otherwise you may have a ticket coming your way.


Let God Take the Wheel

By Emily Martin

Sometimes, we don’t get what we asked for in life, which can really suck. But I have learned something really important since becoming a student at this great university: God’s plan for your life is so much greater than your own. Yes, I know that this is not new to many of you. However, lately I have been seeing more and more of how true this statement really is.

I came to Baylor thinking that I was going to fit right in and automatically have a ton of friends. In high school, I was never the most popular girl, but I did have a good amount of people that I could always count on to do things with. All of my best friends decided to go to UT Austin and A&M, so coming to Baylor was a courageous move on my part. I didn’t know a soul at Baylor. Even my roommate was a girl that I had only met a few times.

Because I didn’t know anyone yet, the first few weeks of my freshman year were rough. The only friend I had was my roommate, and we felt excluded and invisible to the rest of the freshman class who seemed to have college life figured out.

Eventually things got easier, and I started making more and more friends. But then Rush week came along. I decided to go along with all of the other girls living in Collins and go through Rush week. I honestly thought that I would easily get into the sorority I wanted, and I didn’t prepare myself for if I didn’t. Because of this, Bid Day was a train wreck for me. I remember thinking to myself, “God, why in the world would you do this to a girl like me? Am I not good enough to be a part of what all my friends seem to easily fit into?”

Looking back at these thoughts now, I know that I was being completely ridiculous. Of course God didn’t think that I wasn’t good enough! He just had something better planned for me that I was too blind to see at the time. Sororities are great and that is how God chooses to use some girls, but He has a different plan for some of us.

I didn’t know it at the time, but God was calling me to be a Young Life leader. Young Life is a Christian organization that is dedicated to bringing the Good News of the Gospel to high school students. I had been involved in Young Life for all four years of high school, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I worked at a weekend YL camp right after Rush Week. It was then that I realized God was calling me to put all of my spare time and energy into ministering high school students.

Immediately, I called Sharon, a woman who helps out with Waco Young Life, and we started hanging out. Sharon is probably the coolest and most loving human being on planet earth. When I told her my story and about how I felt God calling me to come back to Young Life, she instantly invited me to go with Waco YL to Colorado that summer.

Long story short, I went to Wilderness Ranch in Colorado last summer and had the time of my life. I am currently in the process of training to become a leader here in Waco, and I am loving every minute of it. The people are so inviting and caring – I genuinely feel at home every time I am with all of them.

My point of telling everyone this story is not to turn girls away from Greek Life or to convince people to join Young Life. My hope is that students know how important it is to follow the path that God has paved for you. I tried to go off and do my own thing, and it did not turn out well for me. There are so many incredible organizations to be a part of here at Baylor, so there is bound to be one that you will fit perfectly into. Don’t limit yourself to doing what everyone else is doing. Whatever God calls you to do in college may not be the coolest or the most glamorous thing in the world, but it will definitely make you a lot happier than just following your friends. Pray about what God wants to use you for during your years here at Baylor, and then get out there and do it.

You’re Never Too Old for a Treasure Hunt

By Lauren Woods

Every day, we pass numerous objects that we often overlook in our daily hustle and bustle. But what if those objects were something more? What if I told you that the objects you passed might be a part of a worldwide game of hide and seek? This game is called Geocaching, and it is possibly one of the most beautiful concepts I have ever heard of.

One may ask what this unusual word may mean. That person is in luck, because I have a definition! Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt using GPS-enabled devices. Geocaching reminds me of the beauty in our world. I didn’t think that this wonderful activity would be at Baylor University, but boy was I wrong.

Here’s how you play:

  1. Download a geocaching app to find out the coordinates of a geocache.
  2. Look up the coordinates on your phone.
  3. Go to the coordinates and start searching!

There are geocaches everywhere! My roommate and I recently spent 30 minutes in search of a geocache which led to success. You just have to know where to look. The treasure you are searching for can come in different forms. It could be a box or a disguised container – you simply don’t know, and that’s part of the excitement. Once you find your hidden container, you must open it to see what treasures it holds – usually there is an object of some sort like a sticker, an army man or a yoyo. This object now belongs to you, but in return, you must replace it with something that represents you and sign the entry log. In an abstract way, you’re meeting someone for the first time through this treasure hunt. I encourage anyone and everyone to research geocaches in their area. It’s an awesome way to get outside and find yourself a real adventure!



So. Much. Energy.

By Laura Teague

Working with middle schoolers was something I loved doing through my church back home in Oregon. I had awesome leaders in middle school, so during high school, I tried to give back by leading the middle schoolers’ worship sessions. Around the beginning of last year, I realized that I really missed being plugged into a church in that way. So I decided to start working as a middle school leader at Harris Creek Baptist Church. Every Sunday morning, I lead a table discussion for middle school girls about a passage of scripture. We work through whole books of the Bible every semester, and it’s really awesome to learn more about scripture alongside them. A few times a semester, we have what we call “Late Nights,” which are fun events on Friday or Saturday nights where the students are encouraged to invite their friends and get them connected to the ministry. Last week, we had a huge dodgeball tournament, and it was a blast to hang out with my students in a different way. We all dressed up and went crazy – I forgot how much energy 11-13 year olds have! Getting connected to a church and being able to serve has really allowed me to become a part of the community in Waco. I really feel like this place has become my home, and my experience at Harris Creek has been a huge part of that!


My co-leader and DDD sister MK!


They have so much sass!