Social Dance- More than an Elective

By Maria Dillman

Slow, slow, quick, quick!”

IMG_0306 These are the commands I hear from my social dance teacher as my partner and I stumble to the Memphis blues playing while we learn the footwork of the Fox Trot. Our classroom is not the traditional setting one would normally imagine. Instead, I stand in a room full of mirrors, dance bars, and wooden floors.

Yes, I am business major, but I’m also taking a social dance class. I will learn the style and techniques of the Waltz, Jazz, Cha-Cha, Swing, Tango, and Country Western dances. Call me crazy, or maybe call me “jazzy”.

I took this class not only for a lifetime fitness credit, which is a health and fitness credit many majors require you to have.  But I also took it because I wanted to try something completely new and unique. I think this social dance class is a good representation of how much Baylor has shaped me in my years here as a student. Sometimes we learn lessons in a non-traditional setting or in ways we never could imagine. But we are changed for the better because of them.

The range of what I have learned from being a student at Baylor University never ceases to amaze me. Not only do I learn invaluable lessons from my professors and peers in the classroom, I also learn from the challenges and triumphs of being a college student at Baylor.

IMG_0307I continue to learn more about time management, organization, and responsibility. I’m learning how to be a better friend, roommate, student, and employee. I’m learning not to take life too seriously, yet to strive for excellence in the important things. I’m learning how to balance my priorities and realize when I’ve taken on too much. I’m learning to work hard, and not give up no matter how hard it is. Thank you social dance and Baylor, for inspiring me to uphold a high standard and to continue the legacy of learning that takes place here.

Why Second Semester Rocks at Baylor

By Susannah Morhrmann

Here are my Top 10 reasons second semester rocks! These are just mine, there are so many more!

  1. Common Grounds Cowboy Coffees: They are the perfect treat for a warm afternoon.
  2. The Garden of Contentment: It is next to Armstrong Browning Library and is a prime study spot.
  3. All University Sing: It is a great show created and run by fellow students, and always a blast!
  4. Dr Pepper Hour: AKA the best hour at Baylor (Dr Pepper + Blue Bell vanilla ice cream every Tuesday 3-4pm in the SUB).
  5. Diadeloso: It is the Day of the Bear, which is celebrated on-campus with tons of activities and FREE FOOD!
  6. The Bear Trail: Is a trail that wraps all around campus, and whether walking it or running it, it’s best in the spring.
  7. Baylor Basketball Games: DUH! There is nothing more exciting than to watch some Baylor Basketball at the Ferrell Center.
  8. Baylor Baseball Games: Is there a better get away on a spring afternoon than a day at the ballpark?
  9. Cameron Park Zoo: Yes, Waco has a zoo and yes it is awesome!
  10. Baylor Intramural Sports: Get much more competitive because this semester decides who the overall winner will be in the university intramural championship!


These are just my top 10 favorites from the spring semester, can’t wait for you to come and make your own!

Back to the Grind

By Marisela Martin

Hi y’all!

Hope everyone had a great break! Not sure about y’all but I definitely needed the break from school to be home. Pretty sure I spent the entire break sleeping in and eating home cooked meals! You have no idea how much you will miss a home cooked meal until you go to college and eat in a dining hall!

Anyway, my Spring semester is going great so far. This semester I have the opportunity to take three communication classes and it’s great to finally be able to get to work on my major! My Tuesdays and Thursdays are definitely filled with the bulk of my classes, but part of going to college is learning how to manage time, right? In addition, because I have so many major related classes I find that I have a small amount of homework each night, but I do have a lot of major writing projects due at the end of the semester. Oh the life of a communication major!

On top of school, I have been involved in school wide activities. Just last night I attended the Multicultural Greek Council Style Show and it was so much fun to see all the multicultural sororities and fraternities gather together and display their individual uniqueness. I also attended the Baylor Men’s Basketball game on Wednesday and they won!

It’s so good to be back and I can’t wait to see what the semester has in store for me! Until next time, Sic ‘em!

Being Present

By Aaron Carter

As a Film and Digital Media major, my work involves wearing many different hats. Some days I set up lights in a studio, or operate a camera.  Other days I’m working on a screenplay, editing a film, or maybe even working with actors! One of my favorite jobs is working with sound. Some of my most memorable moments were those spent in the recording studio at Castellaw. I have recorded everything from punching sound effects to radio dramas. I have recorded audio and dialog for entire movies there—alone in the little soundproof room, waving my arms around like an idiot, trying to produce what I thought a scared frog might sound like.

I have however learned that the room is not completely soundproof. I was recording a series. This means I made the sound about twenty times over the course of a minute, got into it. One time I was imitating what it might sound like to get shot, and I got really into it. While I was recording, I noticed someone looking through the window on the door and they took off laughing. I was almost embarrassed. Almost. But I knew that I needed to craft the best voice effects possible, even if it meant looking like a fool! If I had tried to play it cool and produce that, it never would have worked. Your throat goes dry and you do things quietly and the work always turns out bad.

What I mean to say is this: If you do not allow yourself to be completely present while you’re working, you are usually wasting your time. Nothing amazing can be done halfheartedly. That does not mean you must like everything you do. But you must do everything to the best of your ability, even if it involves getting weird looks!

La República Dominicana

By Emily Martin

Over this past Christmas break I had the most amazing experience of my life… I was able to join my college group from my hometown (Round Rock) on an incredible mission trip with Makarios, a Christian organization in the Dominican Republic. While this trip was a great spiritual boost after a long and hard semester at Baylor, Missions2it also opened my eyes. Going into my fall semester of sophomore year, I had my mindset on going into health care administration after college. However, when I came back from this trip I suddenly realized that I had so many other options for my life after graduation.

I think this mission trip also re-opened my eyes to what the world has to offer. Growing up in Singapore allowed my family to visit many third-world countries, and to volunteer with many great organizations overseas. My family always went on “service” trips where we would bring medical and school supplies, or we would help to build houses or schools. I had never been on a “mission” trip before, but experiencing that in the DR was such an awesome experience! Seeing how different cultures worshiped the same God left me awestruck and in amazement of how great our God is! I always knew that other cultures had Christianity, but I had never really grasped the idea that they worshiped with some of the same songs that we do, or that their faith looked pretty much the same way mine did. Heck, they probably loved God even more than we do just because their lives lead them to lean on the Lord in ways we would never need to!

I tell you this to encourage you to go on a mission trip, or even just to travel or study abroad as much as you can while at Baylor. Seeing other countries and cultures can help you to better appreciate people that are different from you. It may even strengthen your faith to see how other cultures worship the same God as you!

I had my heart set on the only thing I really knew about; but after going out of the country it made me realize there are so many other options at Baylor that I hadn’t even considered before! If you know what you want to do with your life that’s awesome, go for it! But, if you are like me and are still unsure of what the future holds for you try to seek guidance from your advisors or even from older Baylor students. You should try and explore everything this amazing school has to offer and take advantage of trying out different courses to see what you like!

If you would like to know more about Baylor Missions check them out here!

Sic ‘em missions!Missions1

Getting Involved!

By Aaron Harder

I was very involved at my high school where I ran cross-country, threw shot put and discus for the track team all on top of training in the off-season! I also loved to go to my high school’s FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) once a week and sporting events throughout the year. I tried to spend as much time as possible with my friends, coaches, and fellow athletes.Track

When I arrived at Baylor, I decided to walk-on the Track and Field team, which took most of my time and energy. After a long freshman year I stepped away from track and found myself going from being super involved, to just going to class and coming home.

I felt out of balance, and it took me two years to figure out what was missing! My junior year, I found Sing Alliance, a group of non-Greek students that compete in All-University Sing. Sing is a competition between student organizations held every spring.

After joining Sing Alliance and making new friends, I realized what I was missing the whole time was community. Since then I enjoy going to class and seeing friends all over campus.

So my recommendation to you all is to join an organization in college. Don’t just go to class and then do homework, be involved! Because believe it or not school will eventually end, and so will the opportunities it presents. Take advantage of all that is at your fingertips and engage!


Making the Most

By Susannah Mohrmann

Over Christmas break I was asked by all of my relatives and my parent’s friends about my future more than ever before. I was reminded that I only have three semesters left, my dad checked multiple times to make sure I was set to graduate at the four year mark, and I had multiple interviews for summer internships all over the break!

At first the thought of “I have one more Christmas break, one more fall semester and one more summer” really freaked me out. However, after my first week of my 6th semester at Baylor I have realized I will be so prepared for what is ahead! It is not that I am scared of the future, or the fact my long breaks from school are coming to a close, it is the fact that my time at Baylor is getting closer to an end. If I could even put into words how much I love Baylor I think it would look more like a dissertation instead of a blog post. I may only have three semesters left here at Baylor (well as a student), and I plan to make the most of it!

Being a Baylor Bear was the best decision I have made in my short 21 years! The community, the friends, the professors, the games, the city of Waco, the restaurants, the Dr Pepper and Common Grounds addictions that have formed, are just a few of the reasons why I love Baylor. So here’s to second semester Junior year, and here’s to you (high school student)! Come visit Baylor and understand why I love this community. #sicem 

Starting Strong

By Cody Frohman

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Friends, family, and professors have repeated this phrase to me numerous times over the past few years, and as I enter my fourth semester of college it is starting to sink in that this cliché really is true.

Planning used to be a big part of my life. I was the kid who wrote down every assignment in high school and strived to finish the assignments weeks early.  But somewhere between the end of my first semester of college, and the start of my second I stopped planning. I had a really easy course load and it seemed like the need to plan vanished.  I had so little going on I could easily keep up with everything without really planning. I found myself procrastinating on everything, barely making deadlines, and forgetting about scheduled quizzes. I got through the semester just fine so I continued along my third semester, taking 18 hours, and working 20+ hours a week. But it soon hit me that I needed to start planning or my grades would take a hit.

So I started planning again, writing out every assignment, every quiz, and every test. Now I’m entering my fourth semester and I am starting strong. I am organizing my days to ensure that I am being productive and efficient with my time.

One of the things I love about new semesters is the opportunity to start over. There are new classes, new experiences, and new opportunities. Along with a new start, comes the opportunity to start strong. The steps we take determine our direction, and if we take steps to start strong we will end strong. But if we start off the semester without a plan, we’re going to find ourselves at the end barely treading water.

My suggestion to you would be to start strong by planning. Make a plan for what you want this semester to look like. If you want a 4.0 GPA, then make a plan to study. If you want to stop procrastinating, plan your time to ensure that you are finishing tasks efficiently and productively. If you want to run the Bearathon, make a plan so you won’t end up attempting to run 13.1 miles on March 21st without taking a step before the race!

Take advantage of the new semester and plan your steps, it’ll save you a lot of pain in the end!

SING is in the Air


By: Torie Abbott

With the beginning of the spring semester upon us, various groups and organizationSING!s all around campus have begun to prepare for one of the greatest Baylor traditions: All-University Sing. When parents and newcomers see the show for the first time they are blown away by the acts put on by Baylor students.

So much time, money, and preparation go into creating the event. Chess games, zoos, tourists, monsters and gamblers are just a few of the themes that have been performed in Sings-gone-by. One of the unique and most anticipated elements of Sing for those participating is that each group keeps their Sing act a secret. Costumes, song choice and chorography are not revealed to the student body until the first night of Sing, Club Night where all students involved in Sing come out to watch the other acts.

SING!TriDeltAs a student who has participated in the program, the feeling of walking onto a packed Waco Hall stage in full make-up and costume with a group of your peers is truly incredible. To all of the 2015 Sing participants: good luck! I cannot wait to see the acts and hard work pay off. All-University Sing premieres on February 22. Students may purchase tickets with a student ID beginning January 22 and general public tickets go on sale online on January 23. I will be there…will you?

The Next Step

By Frances George, a Baylor parent

Over Thanksgiving Break, my daughter (who is a junior) and I had long talks about her future. Whereas many of her friends are clearly set on their post graduate plans, some are not quite so sure, my daughter included. As we talked, I reminded her again that my advice to my children in college (which was the advice my dear daddy gave to me) is to study what you love during these wonderful four years and what you are to do next will unfold at the proper time. She has heard that many times but “crunch time” is approaching and she was a little unsure.

On the way to the airport at the end of the break, it was just the two of us (a rare early Sunday morning departure and so it was just me driving Mary Scott to the airport rather than the whole family), we picked up our conversation about future plans and I gave her one last piece of advice: “Mary Scott, you don’t need to know today what you are supposed to do in a year and a half. The only thing the Lord asks you to do is ask Him what you are to do tomorrow on campus. May 2016 will be clear when it needs to be clear. You don’t need that clarity today. All you need is a plan for Monday morning on Baylor’s campus. Whoever needs encouraging? Seek them out, and encourage them. What task has the Lord set before you in your sorority for next week? Do it with excellence. The path of the journey will be made clear as you walk on the path for today, tomorrow and next week. You don’t need the way lit to journey’s end right now.”

And Baylor is the place where this kind of advice is given, opportunity to take root and find nourishment with exceeding excellence among its students and from its faculty. The advice of a loving mother does not end where the campus begins. The Baylor experience nourishes and encourages with the wisdom of the ages. The advice I gave my daughter is the same counsel that would be given by her house advisor, by upperclassmen, and by faculty. The very next week, Mary Scott called with new energy and excitement. She said she’d spent the week counseling many friends and that she found complete joy in engaging her peers on so many topics and grappling with so many issues.

She returned to her campus confident that she would find answers, that there would be light for the path and encouragement along the way. Perhaps she will pursue a path toward post graduate work in counseling. Who knows for sure at this point, but a little light was shed on her path and she was encouraged! This is the Baylor experience. At a school where the possibilities are endless, where the support from faculty and friends is evident, and where students are encouraged to look at all things through the prism of the eternal, the “Baylor Prism” is lovely. Baylor is academically rigorous and at the same time there is something positively unique about the atmosphere among students. They look to the future with hopeful eyes, with a vision of doing all things better than they’ve been done before. It is the way they go through college, the way they tackle papers, the way they conquer tests, and the way they encourage peers. Post graduate life is simply a continuation of what is familiar to them. So many college campuses focus on the fun- only of the four undergraduate years and never mind the future (the final playground of childhood) but at Baylor, students have a broader and deeper view in the approach to college life. They live life, everyday college life, with a purpose and a focus. Even the “fun” is done with excellence: SING, Homecoming, Recruitment. I continue to be impressed with every aspect of the Baylor experience. (Did you see the homecoming floats? I give you Exhibits A, B and C in excellence!)

Just in case you wondered…is there much fun to be had at Baylor? Trust me, there is! I see it on social media everyday among my daughter’s friends.

So do we know the next step? Not yet but I am confident that the future will unfold with outstanding clarity with options galore and the path will be well lit. The path leading from Baylor to life will be a clear path, an exciting path, and not only for my daughter, but also for every Baylor student I know. And at its end will be a life’s work that makes a difference with eternity in view. This is the Baylor difference.